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'22 Spring Recipe Series, Part 5: Pulling Together The Perfect Taco Grazing Table For Cinco de Mayo

We are capping of off our 5-part Spring Series with how to build the perfect summer taco grazing table! There is no better way to bring it all together and just in time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Pulling it all together:
  • We've shared our recipe for classic, fresh homemade flour tortillas - with or without the pressed edible flowers.

  • You will want to add a grilled protein of your choice or a mix of peppers, onions, and mushrooms if you would like to stick with a plant-based menu.

  • We've provided inspiration for toppings in the form of the Pink Peppery Pickled Red Onions as well as the Nasturtium Chimichurri.

  • We've also shared our preferred side dish of Feisty Fresh Roasted Shishito Peppers, but we'd also include a generous side of either black or pinto beans as well as classic staples like chips, salsa and guacamole.

Now it is time to pull it all together into a colorful spread that is a feast for the eyes and the taco lover.

Start with a bigger board than you think, with all of these toppings and tasty bites you will likely need more space than you think. We like to keep things somewhat tidy by piling our peppers, pickled onions and chimichurri into bowls and jars. Start by placing them throughout the board we like to create a triangle kind of shape to spread everything out, but whatever you like works!

Next we are adding out tortillas and filling, these two items tend to take up the most space, so don't save them for last. We like to give everything a little space on the board, this will make it easier for friends to come up and build a plate without have to pick or unstick anything.

Finally we are finishing the board with all the goodies that make it look bright and beautiful. Lots of fresh veggies like sliced peppers and onions, along with thinly sliced avocado and of course no taco is complete without a squeeze of lime. Don't forget to add a sprinkle of our garnishing salt to season the board and of course fresh edible flowers to really bring everything together.

The real magic behind a taco grazing table is how easily it scales! Looking to party with just a few friends or perhaps create a spread for an entire wedding?! A taco table is an incredible way to build a show stopping spread for any number of people at a accessible budget!

Now, after pulling it all together, we're confident that this spread will be as delicious as it is beautiful. There is plenty of room in each of these recipes for you to play and make little adjustments or variations based on your preferences. And with all of the floral elements that we've included you surely will be celebrating from garden to gathering! Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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