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Spooky Halloween Tablescapes, Decor and Grazing Tables

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

With A Chill In The Air, Halloween Is Looming. Get In The Spirit With These Tricks For Dining And Decor!

Let me start by saying that I love everything about the holidays - EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! I love decorating, cooking, hosting, styling - everything. It could be because I find inspiration abundant or that I find it easier to lean into a theme. To me, Halloween is a playful kick-off to the holiday season and its one of my favorites in terms of fun, food, and decor.


Unlike other holidays when you may prefer tasteful decor, at Halloween I recommend leaning into the gaudy, kitschy and excessive. Many of the pieces I have at home are from the $3 isles at Target, the seasonal isle at Walgreens, and The Dollar Store. You do not have to spend a fortune to achieve a spine-chilling effect.

My Top Halloween Decor Ideas:

* Mismatched and tarnished silver wear and serving platters

* Taper candles in candlesticks

* Glass vials, domes, and cloches

* Faux spiders and snakes

* Skeletons and skulls

* Faux spider webs

* Heirloom pumpkins and gourds

Layering All of These Ideas Will Create a Frighteningly Perfect Tablescape.

When laying out your table keep these styling tips in mind.

  1. Layer textures to create an elegant and detailed look. If you want to create a truly exceptional looking tablescape start from the bottom and layer up. Start with a textured base, like a rustic wood table or textured tablecloth. Next lay out your trays, chargers and cutting boards. Don't be afraid to layer plates for more detail, a simple way to make basic, inexpensive, even thrift store settings look luxurious.

  2. Create height. Don't let your grazing table fall flat. Create height by stacking and layering plates on cake stands, boxes or decorative bins. Use candles and vases to add even more height and texture to your table and add pops of natural color and character.

  3. Play with textures and colors. Think of fun color parings that will pop! If you are working with a dark background, try bright oranges, reds, and purples for a rich decadent look.

  4. Mix in fresh, fake and dried flowers, fruits and herbs. There is no shame in mixing fresh and fake flowers, pumpkins, gourds and more! Fresh flowers add some vibrant freshness to any table, and they can be enjoyed even after the table has been cleared of tricks and treats. Fresh fruits like blood oranges and pomegranates adds enticing rich colors to your table and can be enjoyed even a few days later.

  5. Once your table is set its time for finishing touches! We love adding a little drizzle of honey, or high-quality olive oil, to cheeses and meats. Sprinkle flaky salt on dried meats to add a little extra flavor and jewel like texture. Our Edible flower sprinkles are perfect for adding a pop of color and flavor, our favorite is on soft cheeses, or riming cocktails for a special touch.

Halloween Charcuterie and Grazing Tables:

Because Halloween falls during harvest season, produce is abundant. Celebrate the holiday and make the most of all that is available by nibbling over a homemade charcuterie board or grazing table.

My Top Halloween Board Picks:

  • Fruit - black grapes, pears

  • Charcuterie - prosciutto, hard salami

  • Cheese - blue cheese, aged gouda

  • Vegetables - beets, heirloom carrots

  • Condiments - olives, gherkins

  • Spreads - cherry or fig.

  • Herbs - rosemary, sage

  • Nuts - pistachios, walnuts

  • Garnishes - honeycomb, Flouwer Co. Edible Flower Sprinkles


And last, but certainly not least, this post would not be complete if I didn't at least touch on some of my favorite flowers that I would recommend using to compliment your dinging and decor. All of my picks are technically edible, but I would only recommend eating them if you organically grow them yourself, never use any 'cides, and ensure the edible portions are washed thoroughly. If you are unsure about whether or not a flower is edible, check with a medical or plant professional.

My Top Halloween Floral Picks:

  • Marigolds

  • Nasturtiums and their long tendril leaves

  • Black Bachelor's Button - yes, I planted black on purpose

  • Black or Purple Pansies

  • Purple Chive Blossom

  • Purple Opal Basil

  • Dark Red Roses

Tips For Keeping Your Gatherings Healthy

We always encourage safe gatherings and suggest following guidelines set by your local jurisdiction, but we do have some additional tips. Keep your gatherings small and encourage visitors to stay home if they are feeling unwell. Provide unique reusable plates and glasses, so everyone can have their own plate and glass for the entire evening. Supply forks and tongs for serving. Provide a hand washing station and encourage frequent hand washing with a seasonal soap and disposable towels. Make batch cocktails rather than having visitors mix their own or create a drink cart with premixed options ready to pour and garnish.

We hope these ideas help you get into the Halloween spirit! Tag us in your Halloween decor and charcuterie board designs so we can see how you all are celebrating the season. As much as we love sharing our tips with you, we want to see what tips you have for us as well!




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