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From Garden to Gathering

Hand Grown | Hand Picked | Handcrafted

About Flouwer Co. 

We started Flouwer Co. as two friends and fellow food enthusiasts. Together, we have always had so much fun creating beautiful and elaborate spreads for people to gather around.  As a way of incorporating style and setting ourselves apart, we garnished everything with edible flowers. We began incorporating flowers into more and more of our recipes and soon realized our unique products were missing from the current marketplace. While striving to find the perfect cracker, we decided we would attempt to create one ourselves and it was then that Flouwer Co. Artisanal Crackers were crafted. 


We love to entertain family and friends and now, through Flouwer Co., we are able to share that beauty with everyone! We are proud to be Colorado-based and female owned.  

Currently, our favorite indulgence, after a busy day with work and the four kids between us, is a glass of Cabernet, a few slices of a good Manchego, and our No.1 Artisanal Crackers. 


Kristen and Theresa 
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